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I had the sense to know it was a gamble I was taking, but I didn't care.
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  • And what about those old Irish guys who'd laugh and joke while they were acting as pallbearers.

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    Juan Escobar lived just across the border in Mexico, Starger explained to Sandecker and Giordino, but operated a truck repair garage on this side. Romulus, the priest is ready for you to hear his confession.

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    Supposedly he was the son of Captain Calhoun, but no one seemed to know quite what to make of that. A tall thin soul emerged onto the road only ten feet from us.

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  • I had to think about that for a few moments. That's what I should want, were I a base, craven toad, Bob Shaftoe said.

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  • A feeling of stillness, almost of ecstasy, came over her.
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  • The cowboy had to go to the hospital to get his jaw wired back together.... And though he couldn't think of a man like Brenna, he imagined if she'd come across one, the two of them would hammer each other's brains out within a week.

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