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  • Butler and the marines herded the sultan's party out of the palace grounds and began working through the formal gardens outside the wall. Occasionally, migratory animals gnawed the material away, but that was the only known hazard.

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  • Duncan caught the eye of the leader of the tiny vessel, and saw the look in the sailor's eye. Inside, he found the Mexican farmer he'd brought in holding court on a corner cot, surrounded by other admiring farm folks as well as the kin who'd come in with him.
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    You see, I prefer wanting things that are tangible and that can be acquired through time, planning, and effort. A continuous stream of human life colonizes these worlds, coming out from Earth as well as from other colonial planets.

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    I don't fancy the notion of the ride we have ahead of us - too many things to go wrong on the way.

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  • Anson's normally pert face, now drawn and weary, showed a sudden flicker of curiosity once Joanna's words reached her. I suppose I'd assumed the data was just sort of, well, held.
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    Sie mu ten nur einen anderen Weg rinden; an der n tigen Zeit und den Ressourcen fehlte es nicht.
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  • He was judged to be a disruptive influence, fomenting insurrection, and under our laws, could have been tried as a criminal.
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    MYSELF: Father told me as we went back to Toronto in the train; but I didn't realize it until I had a terrible row with Knopwood.

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    Bilko rushed headlong into the door screaming, and managed to trip over a chair before stopping. They went to colonize (Ring needed to found colony?) Bilbo must be seen.
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    Terry Kelleher, Talking About Talk: The Author of 'Inside Talk Radio Has Something to Say, Too, Newsday, May 3,1995, p. He trusted no more to his intuitive knowledge, but stuck close to the trail, as a hungry wolf holds to the scent of his quarry.

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