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  • Pharaoh's delight in Memnon was even more poignant than usual.
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    There wasn't a spot on her body that didn't ache, pound, throb, protest the abuse that she had suffered.

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    DUMAIN O, vile! then, as she goes, what upward lies The street should see as she walk'd overhead. But I want him not to do that, because the demons watch the path.

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  • The .22-long bullet buried itself in the damp soil of the hill just to the right of her target, abruptly reminding Brenna that the sights on the old rifle were slightly off and she'd need to adjust for them. By then, too, the unknown wielders of mirror-weapons had found their targets again and the flying beasts were bathed in lancing beams of searing light.

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  • Murray and Owens drove to New Scotland Yard headquarters, where the FBI agent made his telex to Washington. The relativistic craft had lost its gravitational effect, simple acceleration against decks, nearly a year ago when the drive failed, but the vessel had been slowing down long before that.
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  • Cackling with joy when the surgicalbot cut out the implant.
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    Mother, Luta Mae cried, whipping about and pushing Julia back, you keep your Bible-mouthing to yourself. The choking tail had shut the air from his lungs, he knew that his gasping lips were parted and his tongue protruding; and now his brain reeled and his sight grew dim; but not before he reached his goal and a quick hand shot out to seize the knife that now lay within reach as the two bodies tottered perilously upon the brink of the chasm.

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  • For example, suppose you want the nal image to be 4 inches wide and 5 inches high. The big man sat with his chin on his fist, thinking.
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