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  • Johnson would sit there all night, watching for the BMW to appear. First though they would go and make their apologies to the Ambassador.
  • Those of us, however, who happened to be in our bunks, found nothing at all amusing in these concerts, either in the finale or anything else, for they were calculated to tear the soundest sleeper from his slumbers. My Subartans and I look forward to it, Frost replied.
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  • The Conference Hall had huge windows along one side, through which one looked out onto a dozen or more mountain peaks, white with snow, and onto the great river of imperceptibly moving ice which ran for thirty miles among them. He pulled the tiller toward himself, and the canoe turned smoothly until the startled paddlers stopped and looked over their shoulders again; the only way they knew of steering a canoe was with the paddles themselves.

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    Over 40 years of experience.

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    Another sort of storm raged within Duke Leto, though: concern for the future of his troubled House.

    He thought suddenly of Rue Meridian and felt a sharp pang of terror, one much sharper than he would have expected.
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  • Maybe it pleases them to play with us for a while before destroying us. Aramis led Porthos into the last compartment but one, and showed him in a hollow of the rocky wall a barrel of powder weighing from seventy to eighty pounds, to which he had just attached a match.
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  • Cape Cod Uniforms is a division of
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    Please Call
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    You didn't need wooing yesterday, he said, trailing his finger to the hollow of her throat. The sort of thing that can happen to a girl!
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