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She caught Sisko s disapproving gaze and returned his look with one that was a clear challenge. When I got up (I had to haul on the newel post at the top of the bannister to do it, my knees were so watery-feelin), I stepped one foot on the hem of my own slip.
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  • The other was in that big parking lot behind the new Kodak Center.
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  • One day he went over them and looked across at the flat, empty wastes.
    Qwilleran said., There's a Pasty Parlor opening in downtown Pickax on Stables Row.
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  • I will even grant you this; for jobs requiring neither skill nor strength I will hire two boys and by 'boys, I mean children ten years old and younger at a man's wage, and that is probably fairer than they would get anywhere else. And no one could have gotten out of that place after we did.
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  • It fit two men the White House had under surveillance.
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    His stylus glided slowly over the empty page and the letters and words appeared as though of their own accord.

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    He still felt light, but he weighed enough to sit down at a mess table and stay in contact with his seat; minute by minute, imperceptibly, he grew heavier.

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