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  • The nurse brought the girls to her for middle-of-the-night feedings, and then took them back to the nursery while Kik grabbed some sleep. So there had to have been enough illusion magic, or clever maneuvering, to deceive everyone in this case; no betrayal was involved.
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    One of the star people, a woman, pushed her hair out of her eyes with a soot-blackened hand, gazed intently t Cohen's left ear, and said, Ridding the disc of wickedness.
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  • I think Bargen's grown up, a bit roughly, but it'll work to his advantage.
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  • He whirled on his guards, grabbing at their weapons, shoving the women down.
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    Thelma said that since you were pregnant and all she thought you shouldn't be rolling around like that. Unless Lerris dispatches him to save that woman of his.

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