He said it under his breath, and already the next cartridge was in his hand, the bullet in his mouth, and the wounded cavalryman was screaming and thrashing and his comrades were stunned because real blood had come into this night, their blood, and Harper was already moving right to snap off his next shot. Nayim Pallines had always disliked Antikas Karios, though he had wisely kept this information to himself for several years.

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  • Roger's death was bad, she thought, but life could be much, much worse. He settled himself so he could look into the fire and sipped the aromatic drink.

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  • And all around them slavers ran and sobbed and begged and died, and the dusty air was filled with spears and fire.
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    Don't be long, the duchess ordered her husband, father, and three brothers-in-law. Red Ore stood with his back almost touching the wall.
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    There had been a wave of young people who'd gotten married right after the war, and were having babies every year to make up for lost time. Up here, at the top of the city, Mulholland had become a dirt road.
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  • Since I had the administrative files up, I checked for Jack Morrison and came up empty; then, on the off-chance, I checked Terrence Lighter, and got a surprise.

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    He hung his head so low that no one could see his face.

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