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  • Jesus Pietro dumped his cold coffee, into a wastebasket, poured a fresh cup, and sipped. It was hand-addressed, and the return address was that of the Gordons, though the postmark said Indiana.
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  • TWELVE: The Detective The four Great Squires regarded the Squire of Fife each in his own way.

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    While the public servants who know the truth and choose to remain silent are guilty accomplices after-the-fact, to deny that such a truth exists to begin with is intellectual cowardice.


    Over 40 years of experience.

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  • For the businessmen, though, namely the traders in illegal antiq- uities, Ali's coffeehouse has no relation whatsoever with the tradi- tional tourist sights of the Egyptian capital.
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    If not that boat, there are fishing boats along from time to time.

  • Since the street battles, I have taken the liberty of having squads ride the roads and ways, ser.
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    Artists rendered sensa tional, salacious depictions of the homicides, and no one - neither the of ficials of the Home Office nor the policemen nor the detectives and brass at Scotland Yard nor even Queen Victoria - had the slightest compre hension of either the problem or its solution.

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