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  • It is but twenty-seven hundred miles from Mars's surface, and completes its revolution in seven hours and thirty-eight minutes, which is shorter than any other known period, Jupiter's nearest moon being the next, with _____________________________________________________ -138- eleven hours and fifty-nine minutes. He changed planes in Dallas and got to Tucson shortly before midnight.
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    I just mean, I don't know her from Eve, so what am I doing in her bed?
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  • As he read along, I noticed that Mrs. Dubose's corrections grew fewer and farther between, that Jem had even left one sentence dangling in mid-air. In descriptions of the Machina analytica, you'll find references to-- Enough, enough, the abbot interposed; then to the librarian: Thon Taddeo will need a place to work.
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    Over 40 years of experience.

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  • In one hand was a long black object that looked like a policeman's nightstick.
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    Cape Cod Uniforms is a division of
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    As you wish, Captain, Spock said, experimentally extending one arm to reach past Kirk, deeply into the field, then withdrawing it.
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    Elves of Middle-earth|Elf of Middle-earth|Middle-earth Elves|Middle-earth Elf The manyar and the Noldor who returned from Aman.

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  • Beth passed him the flask for a last swig, then headed back the way she had come, towards Woods Stage and the jam. Your son wants to be something other than a warrior, yet he is here.

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