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Poins and the prince have a goodlaugh over the unfortunate drawer's behavior.NOTE: Notice the imagery of time in this episode.

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  • Over the living room couch is a huge circular mirror; the head of the bed is an equally immense gilded sunburst that reaches to the ceiling. She could have sworn that the table had been empty just a moment before.
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  • Those soldiers who made it to their boats or to their choppers I let go as the images of Bosch turned again to wisps of fog and faded away. The engineers who had designed it hadn't been culpable; there was no way with the knowledge then available that they could have predicted or prevented the collapse.
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  • It's up there -he pointed to a distant range of low mountains- in the high desert.

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    It slid shut just as the killer on the other side slammed into it. What might I like? she asked, stepping closer to see.
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