Laneff felt the objections caught in the back of Yuan's throat, nearly choking him. Do not attempt to move within the complex here without orders.
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  • Driving up Old Reservoir Road in the gathering dark, I could feel myself in a state of suspended animation.

  • Another kid nobody knew about, who took on his brother's name. After he was orphaned, I put him up here, exchanging work for room and board.
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  • I stood beside Kratas, with the map of the rapids spread on the deck in front of me, ready to call the twists and turns of the channel to him as we came to them.
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    Kirk knew the Academy still ran that supposedly unbeatable scenario for its students.

    They had no reason to stay aboard and perhaps be killed. Zane glanced apprehensively at the blackened face of his brother.

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  • Then I took a piece of the rope that constituted a part of my equipment and made a leash for him.
  • Government action is not to be dictated by the highest bidder, from wherever the bid may come. As the other man staggered, Druss took one running step and leapt feet first, his boots thudding into Bardan's chest to hurl him back.
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