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Was, then, America ceasing to be `the City on the Hill and becoming merely a materialistic, earthly paradise?

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  • We don't want to leave Haplo behind, no matter what his condition, for the dynast. Some was lost in gambling, some chipped off for taxes, and some acres torn off like coupons to buy luxuries a horse, a diamond, or a pretty woman.
  • Over 40 years of experience.

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  • When there was only one left, his speed noticeably increased.
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  • Turned out of your lodging, Tom I If you are, I don't know who will take you in; for people are so afraid of one another now, there's no getting a lodging anywhere.

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  • I parked, flipped the driver's seat forward, and hauled the banker's box full of Lorna's papers from under Danielle's blood-spattered bedclothes.
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    I remembered my sense of exaltation at the sudden turnaround; even now my pulse quickened at the thought of so much power, removing my burdens so quickly, allowing me to give back to Sean Dickinson even more than he had shoveled upon me.
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  • Suddenly, they heard a rush of feet up the stairs.

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    The saddest disillusion of his life, the keenest disappointment, the strangest pain, would always be associated with her. Preston had a chance to see it was well stocked as she bent down which gave him a chance to appreciate just what snug black slacks could do for a perky woman's excellent butt and retrieved a bottle of Beck's Dark.
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