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  • I tried to get her to give up the ranch and all that fund-raising mania years ago, be- cause they were only a way for her to keep near you.
  • With a spy right in the heart of the Supreme Overlord's inner circle, he could indeed eat away at his enemy from within, just as the penitent had said, using the knowledge gained from such a source to direct his campaignand all the while recruiting others to reduce his reliance on that one person. Winter evening became winter night beyond the windows of our train.
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    He put an arm about her shoulder and guided her back to where the others stood waiting. Before him, the walls tumbled down toward gardens, and beyond them the forested slopes of Bedh-Ivrich went on down, and down, and down, to be lost in mists and shadows which still cloaked the valley.

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  • The bones of reality, he thought, dry and lifeless; passing through this region was always a slow dying. Paintings covered the walls from floor to ceiling; on the tables and shelves were vases and ceramic figurines whose enamels gleamed.
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    That, she could not endure, not again, certainly not in public. It was the same for the other distances, much worse for route events.

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    If the newcomer has fled, the PCs might convince the villain to leave them alone, but the villain might demand a humiliating service or payment in return for the favor. But Davis had still wanted him nearby, and so Lee suffered quietly in the stifling air of a Richmond office while others led the fighting.

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