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  • The soggy ground trembled again and he heard a gator grunting. This is where they came in under the ice to see the dragon.
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    Larsen spoke fluently with minimal inflection, smiling wryly as he noted the profound historical irony of Jews, the victims of oppression, becoming the world's greatest extant oppressors.
    Over 40 years of experience.

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  • That would cause a little dip in the Dow at the opening bell, not to mention a stampede for the airports and a sudden urge for a South American vacation. Until he knew with certainty that Alex was entirely guilty--or entirely innocent--of any wrongdoing, he was trapped between prosecutor and protector.


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  • The ES Captain was of the opinion that human flesh was something of a treat for these animals and it might not be easy to tempt them away from it with ordinary fare.
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