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  • And when somebody blew up that Portuguese ship what was it called?
  • A third, who in the general confusion could secure no other listener, fastened herself upon a young woman still unmarried who happened to be amongst them, and conjured her, as she valued her own peace of mind and happiness to profit by this solemn occasion, to take example from the weakness of Mrs. Quilp, and from that time forth to direct her whole thoughts to taming and subduing the rebellious spirit of man. There is a hell of a drop-off, though... all the way to Na'ar, for all I know.

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  • There was a closet on one wall with a curtain strung across the opening.

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    Are we ready for what? she returned in a breathless voice. That was Willy Behrens, one of the best-known freelance brokers in The Street.

  • After leaving Plancher-les-Mines the road was extremely pretty up the deep, wooded valley of the Rahin. A Board of Directors, with Sean as Chairman, was elected and the Accountant was instructed to proceed with the registration of The Ladyburg Wattle Cooperative Ltd.
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    COINCIDENCEAs you read, count the number of major coincidences in the plot.Your response to the novel may depend on whether or not you canaccept, for example, Ernest Defarge turning up whenever aRevolutionary leader is needed. He had believed it likely that he would be able to effect his escape to leeward, perhaps after an exchange of broadsides; this present situation had appeared possible but too good to materialize.

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    He had not had sufficient time to get far, 212 Rlan Dean Foster and controls had been placed on all roads and forms of public transportation.

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  • Another one has had his arms and face burned off, and peers out at the world through a single hole in a blank mask of scar tissue.

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