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  • After ten or fifteen minutes, Adie motioned with her hand for him to come closer. She looked over her shoulder, and Kim gave an embarrassed shrug.
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  • The land was sparsely populated: a few poor, scattered communities of humans and Kendermore, the homeland of the kenders. Furthermore, although he has many faults, he is not only excessively goodnatnred, but has a sort of chivalry besides, which would make it impossible for him to be anything but indulgent perhaps foolishly! were Aubrey ten times as vexatious as he is] That is all I have to say, ma'am, and I hope you will forgive my plain speaking as I have forgiven yours.
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    There were about twenty Trans-Continental baggage handlers standing around in their blue jumpsuits, holding their leather gloves. Ordinary glazes will do, and minerals we can find in our own country.

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  • My God, Julien said, so taken aback he nearly dropped her.
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    He raised his chin and prepared himself for the ordeal. And Galev stripped off the breathing mask and the visor and swore softly, staring at him, then flung them aside and set to work, began exam ining the panels and their inner workings with great care.

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