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  • Bare ground would be preferable to wondering when the next plank would fall from the ceiling. They had a new pair of guards, formerly attached to general security, undergoing a rapid briefing in what was for them a vast career advancement, and two servants with Tano and Algini quietly retrieving a teddy bear and the contents of Yolanda's closet from her on-station apartment.

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    This exchange between Wagner and Robin is a bawdy pun on the word mutton.

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  • In less than a minute, they had passed the opening to the field, and glimpsed the Vauxhall standing behind the hedge. I was reading a book, and They started talking about food and that led to other subjects and finally to dinner.
  • A moment later the door of the house flew open and Keffria rushed out, crying, Oh, Kyle, Kyle, I'm so glad you're home.
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