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He saw in his mind's eye the crystal blue sky of the eastern Mediterranean as he new his aging F-15 on a peace- keeping mission. That's why we always want to learn as many as we can and why they've survived for as long as they have the way they are.

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    Over 40 years of experience.

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    I had business to attend to, Caramon said, avoiding Tika's gaze. He tried to find a position where the swirling wind wouldn't blow sand in his nose.

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  • What the hell is this, he muttered, turning - and there was Claire. This is not a surprise to the drilling crew, Abdul lah said a few minutes later, bent to look through high-powered binoculars.
  • If that is true, then I'm afraid we will just have to deal with him before he has the chance to find it. I apologize for intruding on you, he said with regret.
  • To do as the foreign one says; to stay hidden until dark, Shluh said. Actually, I think you two are responsible for the big turnout.
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