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  • Aren't there professors like yourself, former writers, historians, linguists . The four Malwa officers, along with six top leaders of the Blue and Green factions, were crowded into a corner formed by the heavy wooden beams.
  • The music oozed like syrup into his skull and its beat gently pummeled him into full consciousness. She won't jump with the child, growled Terceth to his men, staring up at Genevieve.

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    The example in this section describes a megaformula that determines if a credit card number is a valid number.


    Over 40 years of experience.

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  • It was, though Wu Shih himself made no such claim, the greatest garden in Chung Kuo the Garden of Supreme Excellence formed of a dozen separate gardens, each modeled on a famous original. Major, I would think that would fall under what is known as 'an exigency of the military service.

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  • The embassy staff has been informed that you are working on a highly confidential assignment, and they will be ordered not to question you about it or to discuss your presence among themselves. The Lizards had strafed others in the early days of their invasion, back when their fighter planes roamed everywhere and shot up everything.
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