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  • I sat on the stool and she gave me a thorough sponge bath.

    Over 40 years of experience.

    He wished he could see her expression as she stared down at the basket waiting for her, or for her head, rather. He hovered over it in a half-crouch, shirtless and dripping with sweat.

  • Now it so befell that about the beginning of May, the season being very fine, he fell a brooding on the cruelty of his mistress, and, that his meditations might be the less disturbed, he bade all his servants leave him, and sauntered slowly, wrapt in thought, as far as the pinewood. That she'pan is not fit as I have made you fit.
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    From this it may be seen that only for a useful purpose, such as driving them away from men's houses, are such incantations to be practised, and they are to be done by the Divine virtue, and in the fear of God, and with reverence.

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    Terry is one of the most famous people in the known universe, and his bottom is only slightly less well known than his face. They dropped the subject, talking instead about the beauties of the day and speculating on the surprise Lady Granger had promised to produce after eating.
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    Make a series of cuts finally cutting at the crimp, his card will be the lowest card of this portion. But of course, they don't have to practice moving together - not when they're Mind-linked to their Companions, and perhaps to each other as well.

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  • It had come to a complete halt now and hovered above the two men like a diver arrested in mid-descent, arms outstretched, head, or its traces, thrown back.

    Clark patted both on the shoulder and wandered over to Chavez and Price.
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