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  • These civil commotions were constantly fomented by the monarchs of Blefuscu; and when they were quelled, the exiles always fled for refuge to that empire.

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    He was a creature of lava; shaped like a man, shaped roughly as he had once been with arms and legs, rock hard torso and head, and joints somehow fluid, molten and glowing bright orange but not dripping away. Acceptance meant, in her lexicon, that she had accepted Lars's death, and she couldn't.
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  • KALEIDOSCOPE 313 You know all the secrets of my life. Paks aimed a kick at the ore's knee, but it snatched at her foot and threw her off balance.

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  • The tech who'd accompanied Sachs down the gloomy corridor returned with tall lamps on tripods.

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  • Although I am certain that most people would hold me at fault. I am also just a little curious why that is necessary, Kennedy said, since here sit Commander Bitter and myself, both fully qualified B-17 pilots, and in my case at least, an extraordinary Look Ma, No Copilot 17 chauffeur.
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