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  • I held to the fence and watched them going away. The ground below me was covered with scrub live oaks and mesquite.
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  • And then, when the man looked at him in surprise and terror, he shot him again, aiming between his eyes.

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    Sexual attitudes and behaviors in an isolated environment over an eighteen-month period. He surged forward between cars, then turned off the main street.

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  • Cloud retains the associations of mist, suggesting that it's difficult to see beyond the surface of Jim's actions into his motives. She knew they would not have much time together even when they returned to Karlaak, she saw that he grieved and she grieved also, unable to understand the change that had come upon her husband, only aware that the black sword at his side would never, now, hang in the armoury again.
  • And when Winnipe finally went under, would the U.S. take in the survivors. Voice still smooth, he said, That was twenty years ago, Comrade General Secretary.

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    I am going to piss, he said, giving a very sloppy Nazi greeting to von Heurten-Mitnitz.

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    At the end of the road was a graveled driveway and Rourke cut left, turning onto it, exhaling hard in relief at the more stable road surface, the bike crunching over the wet, white gravel chunks, a house looking as though it had been lifted from the Bavarian Alps directly ahead. The emotions he was sensing were fear and uncertainty, not anger.
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    Or you can be the greatest mage of all time, and leave the world a far worse place.
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    I had accustomed them to such traffic to the Hall.

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