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Then he pulled a set of handcuffs from the pocket of his jacket.
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The carpeting was lime green and purple striped--the bedspread one the Amazon huntress lollygagged on in Song of the Pampas. And if that happened, all their work on trying to understand the Jevlenese problem would probably have been in vain, just when it seemed that they were onto something important.

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  • It bit me, quite hard, and cursed at me in an almost recognizable language. This is important, I think, because it establishes a communion between the living and the dead, between the investigator and the victim.
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    Here Honour, being again charged with a commission of enquiry, had no sooner applied herself to the landlady, and had described the person of Mr Jones, than that sagacious woman began, in the vulgar phrase, to smell a rat. I cannot account for it, but she seems to entertain some prejudice against the Danglars.

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  • His powers stirred within him like the last cold winds of a dying summer storm useless! Chand eliers glittered in windows; doormen stood under can opies.
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  • I blinked at the sudden bright illumination and noticed the air was filled with little shiny motes. I mean, shit, what's a lousy whale to these people.
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  • Also, even waiting in line takes a certain amount of coordination, and for these idiots, fighting seemed to be a series of random events.

    Match sonar bearings and shoot tubes one and two, aye, sir.

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  • And now did Mansoul arrive to some good degree of peace and quiet; her Prince also did abide within her borders; her captains, also, and her soldiers did their duties; and Mansoul minded her trade that she had with the country that was afar off; also she was busy in her manufacture.
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