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They moved fast across the mine field, striding in unison like bowlegged, top-heavy robots, not even breaking stride when one of them was blown to bits by a mine, which happened eleven times. He didn't have to watch the silent battle, he followed it accurately within himself - the spell-wielder forcing the mist away, the mist curling back into the emptying corridor, being forced away, and oozing back in again.

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    The dragon toddled over to Tris and stepped down into the girl s lap.

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  • Obviously Hara Eslund was not a muscle-bound sword swinger as some people tend to think of our two military castes.

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    Over 40 years of experience.

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    You knew the pace of the play, how much time between a change of sets.

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  • Mark rose and wandered around the tactics room, his hands thrust carefully into his pockets.
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  • Treloar's eyes rolled wildly as he stared at Ivan Beria. The Frank lay a reasonable distance away, and did not stir.


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