• Kirk matched the step forward, in case such a motion turned out to be a custom of some kind.
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    The sky was clear and blue and the morning sun was huge and blinding. Third-and I believe you will find this reason more congenial than the others-we are already thinking ahead to possible uses of Fifth Fleet in offensive operations.

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    Over 40 years of experience.

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  • There had never been a problem until August of '94. Adam shook his head, lifted his gun, looked at a face that needed a shave in the reflection of the barrel.
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    His voice choked with rage, he said, You mean that I can get a cadet commission for some poor relation, or for my bastard son by a whore or an idiot, sooner than for my own legitimately born younger son! The Arkonides knew the nature of gravity whereas the scientists on Earth had only tentative theories.
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    Casual Wear

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    Anything that made you forget you were there was probably worth drinking.

  • But it would be impossible to avoid the suspicion that we were in some manner involved with each other!
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  • But losing a young child is an unnatural occurrence and losing one violently, is an abomination. At last we meet a man of discernment on a ship full of rascals.
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