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  • I can trap one in a gem and hold it in my hand to give to another and yet keep it also in my mind, fading slowly over time, like paths to favorite places that have become overgrown and lost, What is a human but a bundle of memories?
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    The two of them struggled up to the bank and on to the path, and then. hobbled slowly across the swinging bridge. Since you weren't available, the Queen smiled wickedly at Honor's expression, we drafted Hamish.

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  • If successful, the creature returns in the form the wid-wife desires. He had reached the small caf where the professors generally took their luncheon.
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    I forced myself to believe that the food had a savour for me, and that the wine did not taste of drugs. The baron had small hope of spotting the hated outlanders, but Allison was standing in the aft turret, ready to unleash the 25 mm cannon at the first sight of Ryan or the others.

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  • He stared down at her palm in his as though he wanted to kiss it.
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  • The soldiers stared in disbelief as the legendary swashbuckler Han Solo handed his blaster and the Wookiee's bowcaster wordlessly to their sergeant.

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