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  • Eliza fished in the folds of her waistband, nudged the stiletto out of the way, found the key.
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  • She didn't understand, and she was tired, but she said, All right, I'll try.

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  • It is certain that we must sell fish, neither more nor less, like true fishermen. He loved the woman he was with now, she remembered.
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  • The lieutenant didn't know where the telepath was being held, or how many of the kidnappers and their comrades were present in the warehouse. She dropped her hand, because she didn't have the strength to fight him.
  • Are you still trying to collect on a thirty-year-old dream?
  • Ruick stayed where he was, squatting on his heels, till Anna's knees began to ache.

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    They were both silent for a long time, with no need to talk. He fought that as hard as he fought the Power, and saidin had to be fought ever and always.

    The pirate schooner was perhaps a couple miles behind us now, the Ronda doing well, despite the fact that she was carrying nearly twice her rated capacity, the slave girls having been told to stay below. Well, my dad said, Hollywood premieres aren't really all they're pegged up to be.


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  • A different kind of metallic sound might have been the click of a gun being cocked. My scientific attainments, I must admit, are not great, but so far as they enable me to judge, Mr.
  • He recalled that Norman had shown them all up to this floor, and had repeated his warning about wandering in the night.


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    Within a few minutes Hackworth had crossed a bridge into Pudong and was navigating narrow ravines between illuminated skyscrapers, heading for the coast a few miles farther to the east. He went back to his motel and spent the rest of the night and part of the next day making international phone calls.
    The nagual can perform extraordinary things, things that do not seem possible, things that are unthinkable for the tonal . They're still a good way out, but this won't be a safe place to be if they reach the citadel.

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