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  • Trainees hit the beach and scared the shit out of sunbathers. It was still broad daylight but some of the neon signs had been turned on, and the evening reeled with the cheerful din of auto horns, children screaming, bowls rattling, skeeballs clunking, .22's snapping merrily in shooting galleries, juke boxes playing like crazy, and behind all this out on the lake the hard barking roar of the speedboats going nowhere at all and acting as though they were racing with death.
  • From orbit, Charles suggested the site for a new laboratory. My people say, 'plans, like eggs, are best at the freshest.
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  • It had been thirty years since Sisu had split up. The scholar who knowingly speaks, writes, or teaches falsehood, who knowingly supports lies and deceptions, not only violates organic principles.
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  • I clutched her against my shoulder and pat ted her, making small shushing noises, though I shed a few tears myself that fell unnoticed into the dark shininess of her hair. Then I think we'd better do it my way, said Kresh.
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  • He screamed, Get away from my car, get away from my fuckin car Lucas pulled his pistol and shouted, Don't come in here, put down your gun, I don't want to have to shoot you.

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    Soon there was a sign, and I turned into the main gate. That will limit our hits only to those instances of textual keywords that occur near a Grailrelated word.

  • Very often our knowledge of the temporal relation of a remembered event to the present is inferred from its temporal relations to other remembered events. I only wish the two of you had more time in town.
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    I'll be envying you every time Akio Matsudo releases one of his damn challenge viruses!

  • There was indeed pleasure in companionship, even that of a ghost, and in activity, even practice in swordplay.
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