She folded Jaelle in her arms, and for the first time the little girl hugged her, hard, kissing her on the cheek, her eyes shining.

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  • She remained standing, draping her hands casually behind her back. Pyanfar flung herself about, bodily hurled herself at Kohan as her crew did, as Hilfy and Huran Faha and Rhean and her crew.

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  • The two groups of Gegs were yelling and shaking their fists and snatching up makeshift weapons off the Factree floor.
  • I hate to hurt anyone's feelings, but they all seem to think if they just throw themselves at me hard enough, I'll have to take one of them short-term, long-term, it doesn't seem to matter.
    If he had, then much of what Corrigan thought he remembered didn't add up.

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    You want to know what I saw and felt, of course. It seemed inconceivable that before another hour would pass, the Emerald Dolphin, the pride of the Blue Seas Cruise Lines, would be a burned-out hulk, drifting dead and aimless on a turquoise sea.


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  • To his amazement, a thick bush sprang up out of nowhere, almost as if he had summoned it into being. The shock wave buffeted them--almost negligible after their wild ride.
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    He couldn't deal with the cold feeling in his stomach.

    He pressed his head against the radar hood and examined the cursor position.

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