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  • DeVore asked, studying the statue of the horse minutely, trying to discern any difference in its appearance. Like all of her friends Doretia had shivered with delight hearing the compelling stories, like the one about the old woman who came to the door of a cottager woman who was in desperate need of help with her child.
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  • I think I know who does need it more than the Poet.
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  • Don't play the rock star with me, said Nanci in an odd singsong voice. But of course she did, and the bet was canceled.
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  • Imagine not having to hunt up your sources and citations, being able to remember every point of law and precedent without having to look it up!
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  • He understood little of the numbers that lived outside his lands.
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    My two agents have had enough and have deserted the planet of their assignment and meet me here in orbit even though said planet is clamped beneath the iron heel of the Cliaand.
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  • This you do at present with perfect confidence, because everyone knows to an inch or two the area occupied by an adult Triangle: but imagine that your Tradesman drags behind his regular and respectable vertex, a parallelogram of twelve or thirteen inches in diagonal: -- what are you to do with such a monster sticking fast in your house door? Second, but for the big windshield, the motor home is more enclosed than most vehicles; the other windows are small, and the metal shell largely screens his special biological-energy signature from the electronic devices that can detect it.
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  • But not enough to spend another six or eight years tacking on extra degrees, so he contented himself with understanding what the planetary proctoscope (as some anonymous wag had christened it) did rather than how it did it. As the captain watched, the navigator lost his [156] battle.
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  • No doubt he would have smiled like Mother at the end, had he not lacked at the time a great part of his face. Her little hands felt of them, massaging them gently, moving them back and forth in their sheathing, and the flicker of the oil lamps seemed to expand and to dim my vision.
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