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    Prince Edward seems older than his years, methinks, but has grown up fine and handsome. He was working on the terminal and at the same time speaking into a coremlink.

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    In spite of the breadth of the pit, perhaps two hundred feet, it was cold at the bottom, and as I looked up, I was startled to note that, in the blue sky, I could see the dim pinpricks of light which, after dark, would become the blazing stars above Gor.

    The Bluffer was laughing so hard he could not go on. Trace-or Cabot, as Gillian was training herself to think of him-paid off the cab.

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  • They visit the past for nothing except research and recruitment. It shall be paid thee back with gallant interest one day, but all the money that comes into thy hands, must be mine--not for myself, but to use for thee.
  • He smiled, nodding too, the fire licking the ceiling behind him, the light leaking all about the edges of his face. One of the two friends between whom I made trouble was Professor Fleischl; the other one I will call by his baptismal name, Josef, a name which was borne also by my friend and antagonist P, who appears in this dream.

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    His flights of fancy were interrupted when Amberina came running down the hall. The children will shake their heads, had heard it many times before.

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  • Galaxies would write new alphabets across the sky, and the print of many happenings would be etched upon the tape of time.
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    These latter, in Max's view, were not more or less admirable than the former sort; the courage of the one was physical, of the other moral; the result in both instances was rescue from suffering, and in neither did the agent regard himself (before the fact, at least) as heroic. Even with the rumble of artillery always in the background, for this little while he could savor be- ing with his wife and son.

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  • He stepped onto the dock with her and waited for Phillip to come alongside.
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    MASHA-HARI (Justicia pectoralis var. stenophylla) is a small herb cultivated by the Waik Indians of the Brazilian- Venezuelan frontier region.



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