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    A bit more color, but don't they kind of look like what a great city might look like when you're passing over it two kilometers high in an aircraft? It can be compared somewhat to the way sexual be ings fall in love.
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  • Ellie felt as if she had gotten a hard jab in the diaphragm.

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    I hope you will not be offended, Captain, if one of my men remains on post while we are away from our ship.
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    Timmy was buried don t hold me to this, but I think it was on July 22. And very concerned about his village people who had gone to Russia.



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  • Fixed Assets are those acquired for long-term use in a business such as land, plant, equipment, machinery, leasehold improvements, furniture, fixtures, and any other items with an expected useful business life measured in years (as opposed to items that will wear out or be used up in less than one year and are usually expensed when they are purchased).
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  • At this point in your editing career, it doesn't matter which grip you click.
  • The lobby of the Abacus Club was a big high-ceilinged room, dimly lit and furnished with low heavy- looking armchairs.
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    Half an hour, thirty-five minutes, twenty-five minutes, twenty minutes - possibly, but less, no. He turned his side to the screaming crowd, and I realized how much the profile is the true face of a king.

    And our kind master, William that is I can remember a name fer two heartbeats. He wondered if Varia's spell of long youth had made a difference.
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