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  • The other two were just getting up, wondering why they weren't winning this fight. The first location she wanted to search was the bank, and as she neared the institution she saw Barton Sherwood and Harold Traynor walking toward the town green.

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  • She looked around and didn't see Matson, but that was all right. He rushed to the telephone and called the animal clinic, but it was closed.
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    You must give him everything, the countess stated with the conviction of the femme fatale.
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    And, even if I did fall, Christmas angels would catch me. Did you know this showdown with Finn's Masters was gonna happen?

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    He said these words maliciously and dispatched a slave to summon Mrs. Maynard. Three deaths by whatever means meant nothing to these men.

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  • They came out of the east on the day Andy foretold, and for a terrible hour-perhaps longer-the Calla was filled with the thunderous hoofbeats of those gray horses and the screams of desolated parents.
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