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    I think I may have envied it, maybe even feared it.

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    He looked around for confirmation from the others and everyone nodded. Most likely you have been meeting with Oscar before our conversation in the elevator ...



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    The way her hands floated down and came to rest like falling flower petals filled him with longing. Two months later she was seeking the advice of Eriatha, the red-haired earth maiden, who informed her bluntly that she was pregnant.


  • Unlike the other cutaneous senses, the pressure-receptors are located in the subcutaneous tissues. Clare is nowhere in sight and I call her name softly.
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  • He strongly suspects she's never been in bed with a man who knows anything besides the standard plumbing specs.
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  • High cheekbones, sculpted elegantly to make him look like an aristocrat. Nestor was an inept, nervous driver, and a substantial percentage of the other drivers seemed to be insane.

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  • He was stripped to the bone by the strain, so many years ago but he should have gotten all of it back by now! Is that all the propelling machinery? asked Holmsby in surprise, as a small six-cylindered motor met his eye.
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