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    There had been moments, during the days of Caillean's exile, when the raindrops that fell from the eaves of the Forest House had seemed to strike Eilan's heart.

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    Give me one happy minute, after this long, long year of waiting, answered Archie, pausing just where the fountain hid them from all eyes, for there were houses only on one side. He held out his hand and she grasped it and somehow at that moment there came to T.
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  • Since then, he'd gambled away most of his fortune, and per haps even more alarmingly, spent nearly all of his time sleeping, or escaping into on-line VR gambling (and decreas ingly often, sex) games. So it was with the Baudelaire orphans and the movie Zombies in the Snow.
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  • They threw the wafers down on the floor, trampled on them, and poured the wine on top. In much the same way, the valiant members of the fire department were mostly engaged with good works.
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