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VI Fe Ell carried the daughter of the King of the Silver River to the home of the Dwarves who had offered to keep her, a family that consisted of a man, his wife, their widowed daughter, and two small grandchildren.

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  • This man served a harsher, more chaotic force that had no regular ebb and flow; this man warred because he had no peace, and no moment when he was not at risk.
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  • Her voice trailed off as he leaned down, putting his face close to hers. Broadcast commentators urged that he be named an adjunct adviser to the U.N. secretary-general and that he visit each headquarters of the various U.N.



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  • Only in the heat of the flames had they failed to rise again.
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    I think you have your own young boys now, your own crew. Through the foreport, they saw walls constructed of individual stone blocks three times the size of the vehicle that carried them.
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  • It was slaved to his own nchoi resource, and its slight mechanical interventions aided his walking. Her right hand had the strength of an aging lioness protecting its pride; she would not release the gun below.

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  • Both men were in flannels, for they had spent their evening upon the river, but apart from their dress no one could look at their hard-cut, alert faces without seeing that they were open-air men -- men whose minds and tastes turned naturally to all that was manly and robust.
  • The flat disc ofthe pedestal top curled up and inward all around to make it impossible for her to fall off.

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    Those poor bastards in the command center were dead from the moment that some murderous twit had decided to use a main battle tank, armed with a rail gun, to stand guard over an office full of men and women wearing nothing but street clothes.

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  • He found the groove in the lid, and he slipped his fingers into it. It was a fine art, and he was brilliant at it.
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