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  • The foaming river was like slaver on those ravenous stone teeth. The boy soon returned with the two halves of the broken cable.
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    With a heave they brought his head out of the wet soil.

  • Rome gained and left behind, and with it the Pilgrims who are now repairing to their own homes again - each with his scallop shell and staff, and soliciting alms for the love of God - we come, by a fair country, to the Falls of Terni, where the whole Velino river dashes, headlong, from a rocky height, amidst shining spray and rainbows. The howling laughter seemed to shape itself into words--not spoken sounds, but concepts that moved directly from mind into mind.
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    Tempest went left, then right, then right again, then Nightbird started back for the left but cut short the swing, and then came that signature lunge.
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    Jahnavi intended to slaughter every last one of the Merida host now riding for Tuath, and if Tallain wanted in on the action he'd better hurry.

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  • Without a word, Aviendha immediately began loping toward the edge of the camp, easily dodging darkshrouded tent ropes. D you think we'll ever set foot on Earth again?
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  • They stood at the door of their estate house, and Roo kissed his wife on the cheek, then stepped through the door and closed it behind him.
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