The wind made ripples on the long, green grass, and here and there a boulder thrust up, sun-bleached and white. And General Froc might give the orders, but it was permissible to suppose that it was Sergeant-major Jackrum who anticipated them.
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Agonizingly aware of the warmth of his hand over hers, Sara wished her heart wouldn't gallop in such a reckless way, that her head didn't feel so light.

He saw the outlines of the twin steel-and-brick structure of the Potomac Towers in the distance. I went to the door, and Tank handed me a set of keys.

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  • Let me tell you something about that although I thought this was about Toya but first I'd better fix you that drink I promised. Most of them never commanded so much as a mess-kit repair company.
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  • You don't think I could really ride one of those monsters you use, do you?

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    I think we should leave now, said Olivia, much to Hamish's relief. Logically, you might expect that the bull would become the sun, given that Mithras is the sun god.

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  • Weeb had a hunch it would hurt like hell if the tip thwacked across his bare flesh, and he edged back a step. How'd you get taken in by someone like that? he asked.
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  • Let him come into his garden and eat its choicest fruits.
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    His warnings about ghostly retributions had not stopped the man from following Company orders, but they had not been entirely without effect. He stopped in front of the door to his compartment, touched the switch that slid it aside.
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