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  • Stilcho was acutely conscious of the living presence in the small house, of wards and watches that existed all about the yard.
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  • And I daresay those who knew her well would not doubt her warnings. After all, I could lose my license by assaulting a client, even if it is in his best interest.
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    The smells that entered his nostrils were as strange and as assorted as the noises that assailed his ears. They may easily believe those Miracles abroad, who daily conceive a greater at home, the transmutation of those visible elements into the Body and Blood of our Saviour.

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    Time and again the gravel would turn underfoot and pebbleswould bounce and rattle downslope, to slash with a clatter throughthe treetops.
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  • Athletic
    When Cather has Jim Burden write down My in front of the word Antonia on the portfolio holding his manuscript, you have the point of view in one bold stroke. I was coming out of the cantina, however, when I saw a man down by the corral.
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