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All the time we were kissing and cuddling and caressing each other. Meanwhile, it is time you stopped lollygagging and went back to work.

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  • Judging that the morning haze would veil any smoke, Shann built a pocket-size fire.

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  • The chap, in his late twenties Ellie judged, took Josie by the arm and led her away. He sat at the bottom of the hill and looked up at her, ears big and forward, head cocked.
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    You know, I don't want to force anything on you, Daphne. There's a line of fucking bullet holes through the wagon and half our stuff!
    The boots were soon polished in Dick's best style, which proved very satisfactory, our hero being a proficient in the art.
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    Sharpe asked, and that afternoon he paraded every man, rifleman and Portuguese alike, and made them all fire three rounds in a minute from the Portuguese muskets.

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    What the hell, screw Sandecker, he thought; the tab was worth the consequences.

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  • De law sakes, Chile, didn't I see him a lookin at us? No one goes ashore while I'm captain o China Cloud!

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