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  • She winced inside her hair was probably sticking up in a hundred directions. Happily the sly man pulled in the tub, while Ruby leaped under the bed linens once again.
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    Over 40 years of experience.

    Tom looked up sharply and saw the spaceman waver crazily, then clutch at the ship's air lock. It'll take us at least ten minutes to get up to those guys.
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    He returned to the chest whereon was a pitcher of wine, a platter of honey cakes. It is impossible for me to turn now, Gregori said softly, his beautiful voice stating the simple truth.

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    About a thousand years ago, during what you humans call the War of the Hundred Years, the Ways began to change. Around the globe, centuries-old biological testing stations had been erected in the days long before the properties of melange had been discovered.
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    She turned to grope for the switch and found herself staring at two eyes that caught a sliver of reflected light from outside.

  • The thought of a city, the subways, life among the clerks and techs and cooks and laborers who jostled one another and hurried about their schedules to earn credit.
  • Old Shimmy Peters, that teaches Latin in the High, he's a what-is-it from Columbia and he sits up all night reading a lot of greasy books and he's always spieling about the 'value of languages, and the poor soak doesn't make but eighteen hundred a year, and no traveling salesman would think of working for that.


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    They slip into the shipping routes and take their fill, then move back to deep water, following the blues or the cod or other favored fish.

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  • When he first came, and took over Dr. Cay's position, I thought thought he would be like Dr. Cay.
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  • I just don't have the words because he wrote it himself. I'm not trying to set you up for anything, Usher.

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    There were things about White Winds people that weren't shared by any other mage-school, and they wanted to keep it that way. Her warriors were said to be fierce and brave, her women proud and beautiful.

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    The animals drew away into thorn brakes and water holes. Major let me have that snap just as a curiosity Major Palgrave began fumbling through an overstuffed wallet murmuring to himself: Lots of things in here don't know why I keep all these things .


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