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  • There's much t be said before we leave.' Then the two of them walked hand in hand up toward the top of the hill.
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    As he exclaimed in surprise and alarm, he heard a report that reminded him of a big artillery piece being Harry Turtledove fired maybe a hundred yards away. Tammad was suddenly there behind me, his left hand gripping Jack's right wrist and lifting it from my neck.

    Well, I guess I was ruined morally last night when I stole the whiskey.
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  • The bleak and empty world of his existence nearly overwhelmed her with sorrow, bringing tears to her eyes.
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    The wide spot where we sat was the only place we'd yet found along the path carved across the face of the mountain that might let two or three pursuers on horseback turn. Then I halted and stood stockstill, to let my senses adjust to the new locale.

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  • And these fields manifest themselves as particles: photons, electron-positron pairs, quarks ... None of us does except maybe the Manarkan, and if she does she can't get it across on her fingers.
  • He kept his thoughts focused on what he would do once they were inside the prisons.
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