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  • Sulu sent the cloaked aircraft skimming around the first of the towers, staying well clear of open windows and crenulated walls where guards might be stationed. Dominic considered lean ing against a lamppost and reading a paper, but that was one thing they'd told him in the FBI Academy never to do because even spies had seen the movies where the actors were always doing that.
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    But the last fight had been tough for Piercollo, his opponent almost managing to use the Tuscanian's great weight against him.

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  • Anthropological Note was first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1957.
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  • That was just my special way to get you inside the tent.
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    And it is revealed in a later volume that only those from approximately 99,000 B.C. to A.D. Now in this company of well-dressed and cultivated spectators, clad herself in fresh silk and lace, perfumed and serene, she found the contrast of violence and savagery before her frightening but at the same time stirring.

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  • School was less than a mile away and there were people we knew within shouting distance the whole way.
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