He thought there might be some other interesting opportunities in the near future, but it was too soon for Charles even to want to hear them.
Well, he said, the first thing I would do is run it into the river. The boards over his head waved like a shaken sheet, and the cabin whirled round, while the patch of light at his feet bobbed up and down like the reflection from a wavering candle.

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  • Next to the loss of his ship, the charges, the court-martial, the void to be crossed all of it seemed as nothing.
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  • Inviting her to be godmother was Kas's first real solo decision regarding the baby, too, so it felt good to talk about it, to remind herself that she was moving forward instead of .simply waiting.

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  • I tried my best to enrage them (my parents, I mean) by dropping little hints about how David was coming to pick me up in his CAR (not really, of course: John would be driving, since David, at seventeen, was not old enough for a licence in the District of Columbia). The four men lay in a flat place, and the sun was high.
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