• However imperfectly, it does function; it's ours, it shaped us, we may not understand it too well but surely we understand it better than something untried and alien.
  • Plenty of time later to ask him for information about the philosophy of Individual Mutualism that I knew he was eager to THE STAINLESS STBeLlUTCeTSDIUPTeO 167 explain to me.

    At the end of the tunnel, he reached up and pressed a couple of recessed buttons on the ceiling.

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    I like to call it just a sympathy space, Father will say, never acknowledging his debt to Schraubenschl ssel and his sympathy bomb.

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    The truth is, if we took this number of men from their present duties there would be a substantial increase in criminal activity throughout the levels, not to say a dramatic rise in civil disturbance at the very bottom of the City. If the other Universe gets its laws into ours just a bit through the Positron Pump, doesn't our Universe get its laws into theirs the same little bit?

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    Because Serenstad was a violent place, Jaldaric said with an emphatic jab of his finger, though not without some humour.
  • The former was seated on the end of a mossy log, in a posture that permitted him to heighten the effect of his earnest language, by the calm but expressive gestures of an Indian, engaged in debate.
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    A 1985 poll of members of the Senate showed that conservative and liberal senators alike regarded him as their `favorite hero. The River Master had searched her out repeatedly and had even tried to trap her on one or two occasions, but all his efforts had failed.
  • If he made a decision, they would go with it, and if something came to light that was unholy, it would be his duty to stand against it. Then I will sleep awhile yet, for I see that these States sleep, for reasons; (With gathering murk, with muttering thunder and lambent shoots we all duly awake, South, North, East, West, inland and seaboard, we will surely awake.) Drum-Taps First O Songs for a Prelude First O songs for a prelude, Lightly strike on the stretch'd tympanum pride and joy in my city, How she led the rest to arms, how she gave the cue, How at once with lithe limbs unwaiting a moment she sprang, (O superb!
  • It was a certainty that there would be a door to the street below. Since no one else was saying much, but was simply staring, de Worde said, rather nervously: 'Fizz is rather, er, direct in these matters, but amazingly popular.

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  • Roland lay in the bed, and throbbed, and watched the sky lighten.
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    Thus, his first 10-year luck period begins 120 days before age 7.
  • Everything goes forward like oiled docks; for each minute of the dial there are a million noiseless docks which tick off the rinds of time.
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  • Valhalla is the monstrous system of concentric rings associated with a huge old crater, extending out about fifteen hundred kilometers from its center-a significant fraction of the planet's surface. One thought so, Bren said, and stood up and looked over the the rail himself.

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