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  • She had had a taste of the feelings of free women towards a slave, which she was.
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    She stared at him for a long while, until she was absolutely certain he was sleeping. Jamie asked, picking his way through a flock of house slaves, who streamed past from the cookhouse with platters of food steaming alluringly under white napkins.

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    The death of Gratian, in 383, saw Ulpius enrolled among the chief priests of the temple, and pointed out as the next inheritor of the important office once held by the powerful and active Macrinus. And if they could do that to him, forewarned and armed, what would they do to Vandy!

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  • It seems to me that I have done you full justice in the matter, I remarked with some coldness, for I was repelled by the egotism which I had more than once observed to be a strong factor in my friend's singular character. After a pause that seemed unduly long to Troy's quickening sense of urgency, he heard snatches of song from atop the shaft.
  • His thumb brushed across her knuckles in a long, slow sweep. Come, Madame surely this has all been explained to you.

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  • Not to mention those seasonal bacchanals in your home country. I read about it -- it was founded as a Shinto world the way Path was supposed to be Taoist.

    KING Thou know'st she has raised me from my sickly bed. Instantly a hand was laid upon the Prince, under the impulse of this happy thought; as instantly the stranger's long sword was out and the meddler went to the earth under a sounding thump with the flat of it.
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  • In its place we must enact an economics based on ecologic science.

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  • The material was twisted in her hands, and her lower jaw was working even before she spoke. Dr. Webber was very pleased with Alex's progress the following Monday.
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    Es war eine irisch klingende Stimme, aber diesmal eine andere. He found it, between a dog-grooming service and a real estate office.

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  • But this was not the time to worry about it - there were bigger problems at hand.
  • Kinnison was almost wrong there, for not long afterward Boskone was called in session and that very question was discussed seriously and at length.



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  • He had to make calls, to tell what had happened, to ask for help, lie his way out of it, heap everything on Likhodeev, cover up for himself, and so on.

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    Ran smack into a Hood-damned army on the march south. They went on again as soon as he was done.
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