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  • He was also president of the Architects Guild of America.
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  • She clung to his hand with unashamed delight when they left. With their power and agility, voidhawks were an essential component of the Confederation Navy, employed by Fleet admirals as ideal interception craft.
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  • But last night he's not the one who arrived wearing somebody else's rubber boots. This is shameful, giving birth by yourself, alone in the dark, in this awful room!
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  • If they receive what they are seeking, they can be adulatory, while if they are denied or disappointed, they may become ugly in a flash.
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  • You can search through all the nooks and wild places of the land to see if any Fauns or Talking Beasts or Dwarfs are perhaps still alive in hiding. Halts were called as each group found something that might lead them to their foes.
  • She turned up the hi-fl; it was a progressive jazz group, vibes and double bass, or perhaps it was an electronic instrument playing. With us, I am afraid, there were not a few occasions when one might have applied the proverb that Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
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    Kelson's cold had not improved, so he retired soon after eating and let Father Lael give him a physick in a shot of hot and potent Rhenndish brandy wine. They scurried through the heavy boles until they found a gap between two campfires, where they could slip in without attracting undue attention.

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  • It was like a ball extended endlessly upward on a frail length of wire, and when it was fully aloft, with no body visible to support it, the head turned this way and that in delicate motion, as if surveying the total world that lay below.

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  • Most of the audience just walked away, but a couple of young men remained.


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