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  • Sandy thought that Tony's methods of handling the Roadmaster were put to the test that evening and proved sound.
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    Even if guerrillas get through that, there's still old Lucifer to contend with. The plume of steam had shrunk to about three meters before turning into a picturesque bubbling spring.

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    Put him within reach of a bottle of gin and you could not trust him. The purchaser violated all rules of romance by being--not a Jew, but a very orthodox Christian.
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  • Which is why Mauri's shivering in a sledge outside, with another twenty-odd brave blades.

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    He popped the driver's-side door, caught a glimpse of himself in the dark glass, face twisted under the ball cap, dark scratches across it. Those are my direct orders from General Marshall, Dr. Larssen, and I have no intention of dis- obeying them.

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    She was the only one who knew the whole story. The problem of what to do about it, of course, remained in all its stubborn intractability.

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  • She turned away from him and looked at the holo-projector unit in the corner of the room. Save that casing to make boots; cut 'em out an stick 'em inside a weak place.
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