• Debby, as far as any Admiralty citizen is concerned, you know nothing about how a rocket works. She closed one eye like she was going Halfway to sleep.
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  • There was a muttering of agreement, and a segment of the crowd surged forward.
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    What covered the door hole was the framed photograph of mother, father, and three children in their dated sailor suits, with the cracked coverglass. His face became all mouth, all teeth, the eyes receding and the tongue darting out thin and silvery like a knife blade.
    Dr. Suzuki has just informed me that she will not object to or interfere in this.
    We were about to sit down when the doorbell rang. One of the guards ran to catch up to me so that he could replace it on the wagon.
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    Praskovya Fedorovna came home and her brother went out to her. Odo turned his gaze away from the familiar sights, and back to the individual he had collared for questioning.

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    Save for a small cavalry force kept in reserve in the rear, the menat-arms were ordered to dismount and take their place in the dense array, lest, like their comrades at Falkirk, they should ride off in alarm when they saw the preponderance of the enemy's horse.

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  • It had taken over fifteen minutes for the sensor platforms to relay the data to him, and the Manticoran dreadnoughts were already up to twelve thousand KPS. And that's where they are now, she said, in there.
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    Nicci surveyed their tense faces, these women sworn to the Creator's light, these Sisters of the Light who had worked hundreds of years in His name.

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