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    How could that mendicant mystic know the secret signal by which Paul Atreides had always summoned his swordmaster?

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  • Entering with Sophie, Langdon felt his eyes reaching across the famous sanctuary and taking it all in. As the key turned in the outer lock we closed the door behind us.
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    As with everyone else at court, the house of books contains all sorts of information about me, amassed over the years by secret agents. Not only is the hearing on the Court's calendar, but you could be losing a genuine opportunity for your people.

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  • There was a council of war to which a representative from each team was summoned, while the remainder of the Combatants stood to their arms and prepared for trouble, suspecting attack now not only from the royalists but from their so-called allies as well. If he has Ivan He had to bring some card to the table, or he wouldn't come play.

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